3 cool games for your Android Wear smartwatch

You like gaming? After presenting you some cool watch faces I will no show you three nice games for your smartwatch!

Gaming on a smartwatch?!? Yes ? that's really possible. It isn't the same like playing a game on your phone or PC, but it's definitely nice for some boring minutes for example when you have to wait for something.

Let's start with the selection:

∞ Infinity Loop

Infinity Loop, that's not only a great game on your phone, it's also available for Wear. If you already have this game installed on your phone, you just have to check your watch ?.

All you have to do in this game, is to connect the lines and corners. I swear: it's fun, also if it's sometimes frustrating!


PaperCraft is a “space battle” game, that is only available for Wear. It's also part of the Android Experiments program.

In this game you have rockets and you have to shoot “enemies”. If you want, you can use the Google Play Games integration, to compete with friends and crack their high score.

Marshmallow Rush

Do you know the Android Easter egg from Android 6.0 Marshmallow? This game is a copy of this Easter egg.

But although it's just some kind of copy, it also has Google Play Games integration and a nice Wear version of the game.

It's like Flappy Bird, so you're almost a master when reaching a high score of 20.

Have fun playing this little games on your smartwatch! Please comment your favorite Wear game!

Jan-Lk Else

I'm the guy behind this cool blog about Android ;-)

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