4 Reasons why I'm so excited about the Android Wear 2.0 release

I admit that I'm an Android Wear fanboy. I have a watch myself (Sony Smartwatch 3 – it was the last watch to get the Marshmallow update some months ago) and I really use it often. I use it for staying updated about all the new notifications on my phone (from whatever app they might be) or to respond to new messages on a very easy and smart way (quick replies, for example in WhatsApp, are very useful – and speech detection is cool too).

1. Reduce the time you have to unlock your phone

With my watch I'm able to reduce the times of watching on my phone drastically. I don't have to take out my phone for checking the time, I don't have to do it for reading new emails and I don't have to take it out for starting Spotify (here's why I use and pay for Spotify).

2. The system is still getting big updates in the future

The last year and especially the last months, there were multiple rumors and rants about Android Wear. Many blogs said Android Wear is going to die and that Google isn't planning to bring a big update for the system anymore. But they were WRONG!

3. The new features are awesome

Google learned from the mistakes they made with Android Wear 1.x. For example they learned that a real keyboard app on a watch may be very helpful (you don't want to speak all your private messages loudly in a bus for example). They also announced very useful additions for Google Fit during their developer conference I/O some weeks ago.

Here's a list of the upcoming changes in Android Wear 2.0:

  • Standalone apps
  • New system UI
  • Material design for wearables
  • Complications API (Apps can provide data for watch faces for example)
  • Input methods (keyboard and support for third-party-keyboards)
  • Google Fit update (new automatic activity recognition: Define which app should be started when you start running)
  • Support for Android N (support for features like Data Saver)

4. Watches with cool features show your technical finesse:

People often wonder when you look at your watch and move the finger about it. So isn't a watch some kind of status symbol for the technical finesse? ? With Android Wear 2.0 the watches are getting even more features and you have to use your watch more often.

What do you think about this? Feel free to comment!

Jan-Lk Else

I'm the guy behind this cool blog about Android ;-)

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