5 awesome wallpaper apps for Android

It's all about design theses days! (Also appydroid got a fresh new look, which I hope you like…) Today I want to present you the 5 best wallpaper apps for Android. With wallpaper apps, I mean apps, that offer you really cool wallpaper and also apps, that are able to create wallpapers themselves.


Backdrops is one of the most popular apps, when it comes to clean and really professional wallpapers with Material Design. I already wrote a review about this cool about on appydroid, so feel free to check it out here. There's also everyday a “Wallpaper of the day” and there are different paid wallpaper packs too.


The next app is JKWalls. This app is by the awesome Justin Kruit, who helps hosting appydroid.

Inside JKWalls you can find huge amounts of mainly Material Design wallpapers too, which are all in High Definition.


This app is like the both about mentioned ones. It's an app with a very huge collections from all different design styles. But the walls are awesome!


This app is very unique! It's an app, that automatically generates you wallpapers in all thinkable styles. From Material Design to Low Poly – everything! Just try it out.

The app also has a nice tutorial showing you, how to use it, because it's sometimes more complex, than you would think.


This app is by myself and at the moment quite unpopular ☺️. It's an app that lets you to use randomly generated wallpapers in the low poly style. It's all about triangles…

I hope you liked this post. This is some kind of addition to the Wallpaper News (#1 here) series here on appydroid. Feel free to mention other apps in the comment and maybe I'll pick some and review them… Keep excited!

Jan-Lk Else

I'm the guy behind this cool blog about Android ;-)

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