5 cool and also useful watchfaces for Android Wear

You don't only want your watch face to look cool? It should also be useful right?

I'll show you 5 cool and also useful watch faces I tested myself:

Google Fit

The first watch face is the watch face by Google Fit. It's already pre-installed on all Android Wear devices, so you just have to find and enable it ?.

I think this watch face is pretty useful, because you always see how much you already moved during the day and also the time is well presented.

Bits Watch Face

This is my favorite watch face. You always have an overview about things like your next event, the current weather, the battery of your watch and much more. You can also choose a style of how it should look like and you can select, which information you would like to see.

ustwo Smart Watch Faces

This is a watch face collection by the same developers like the Bits Watch Face (by the way: the great game Monument Valley is also by them).

This watch faces are great, because they have a very cool design combined with a good functionality. For example the Runway watch face is cool, because it combines the latest weather information with a beautiful design.

FORM Watch Face

The Form watch face has more design than functionality. It's developed by the developer of Muzei (see review here), who's developer advocate at Google. It was build for Google's design conference FORM.

Math Watch Face

You want to train your math skills? Then is the Math Watch Face the perfect watch face for you. Instead of normal numbers, there are difficult mathematical formulas.

Try if you're a freak ?.

I hope you like the collection of watch faces I chose to present you. If you know any other great watch face feel free to comment!

Jan-Lk Else

I'm the guy behind this cool blog about Android ;-)

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