Allo: Hope for more features

Allo, Google's new messenger, has been out for a while now and I'm really in love with it, especially the Google Assistant.

Allo is a nice app with most of the features a messenger app has to have. Most of them, but not all users are missing from competitors like WhatsApp or Telegram. What's missing? Just to call some of them: Support for multiple devices (or at least a web version), quick replay (there's a native Android API for that) and file sharing (of course there are more file types than just images).

Allo got around 5 million downloads on Android in about a week and it hasn't passed the 10 millions yet. Is that a good qoute? I think it isn't. Such a big company behind the app like Google should be able to move masses of people downloading this app. But the people aren't…

…because of the missing features (and some privacy problems). First, they miss to many things they know from WhatsApp. Secondly, they don't trust Google, because chats aren't end-to-end encrypted (except of the Incognito chats). Even Ed Snowden warned:

BUT: There's hope. Justin Uberti, the head of Google Allo and Duo posted a list of feature requests, he received, on Twitter. This doesn't mean these features are coming in the next update, which will hopefully be soon, but it means Google recognized what the people are criticizing about Allo, at least what features they want.

As mentioned, I'm really in love with this awesome app. But currently I have the problem, that most of the people, I chat with, aren't on Allo. I wish they were, but I guess they'll only move when at least some of the requested features are implemented.

But what do you think? Will more people move to Allo, with one of the nexts updates, or will Allo become the next "Google fail"? Do you think most of the people are just to lazy and will stay on WhatsApp?

Whatever the future will bring, Allo, I believe in you! (Yes I admit, this article is very fanboy influenced!)

Jan-Lk Else

I'm the guy behind this cool blog about Android ;-)

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