Google likes copying: Allo's voice message UI looks like a WhatsApp copy

It's confirmed: Not only Facebook (Instagram) likes copying, Google likes it too. The team from Android Police got new screenshots from Google's not-yet-released messaging Allo (which will feature Google's new Assistant). In this screenshots it's definitely visible, that Google got “inspired” by WhatsApp.

Allo voice message UI

The above GIF shows Allo's voice messaging interface. It looks quite clean and simple and is Material Design .

Whatsapp voice message UI

But don't you think too: Oh that looks quite similar, right? It does! Nevertheless I quite like Allo's implementation more, because it looks much cleaner and also the text bubbles are a lot more beautiful (at least in my opinion – some WhatsApp fanboys will say something else…).

I'm very excited about Allo's launch, which might be very soon. Multiple screenshots and details already leaked, like that there will be an option for sticker packs or that it will be possible to delete messages from the chat history (unlike with Hangouts).

It's also interesting how the idea of AI in messaging services will work and if it's really useful. Will real communication die, because everyone is just using Allo's reply recommendations?

Another thing to think about is, if Allo will be able to steal some of WhatsApp's users. People are often to lazy to switch to a new service, where their friends, families etc. aren't already.

We'll see…

PS: WhatsApp, which belongs to Facebook too, like also copying, for example from my favorite messenger Telegram. For example they copied quotations and file sending.

Source:Android Police

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