Amazon Underground - Get some paid apps for free

Cracking apps is never a good way and it's also very unfair against app developers who have to earn their bread by selling apps on Google Play or other app stores.

You can now get paid apps for free and even help the developer by using it, because he (or she) gets money, based on the amount of time you use his (or her) app. This sounds great, right? Using premium apps, without paying for – on a legally way?

The service I just described has the name “Amazon Underground”. You may know that Amazon already had an app store for Android and it's Android based Kindle Fire devices. They just enhanced this store with this cool option.

Get over $20,000 in apps, games and in-app items that are actually free. Exclusively from the new Amazon Underground app.

Isn't that amazing? 20,000$ just for free?

Because this service is already live since last summer, I already had the chance to use it. And I really saved a lot! I think I spent an amount of 1500$ just for in-app items in apps like Jetpack Joyride.

Amazon can provide this service, because they think they can convince the customers buying other stuff like clothes etc. from their shop too. So the app is more or less just the normal Amazon app including the app store.

Because it's forbidden to upload an app store app to Google Play, Amazon has to provide the apk for installation on their own page.

You can download the APK here or via APKMirror here (article about APKMirror here).

Tip for installation: You first have to enable the installation from “Unknown sources” in your security settings.

If you want to learn more about Amazon Underground just go to

Do you use this app store and what are your experiences? Comment, please…

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