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Libraries are designed to make a developer's life during development easier.
Since the ammount of Android developers is getting bigger and bigger the ammount of available libraries is contineously growing, too.

Searching for a library that fits your needs might cost you important hours which you could've spend into development.
Therefore Vladislav Bauer created an awesome website (Android-Arsenal) which is contineously growing in it's ammount of showcased libraries, bundeled into categories, which makes it easier for everyone to find, share and use the libraries you're looking for.

All showcased libraries and applications are open-sourced and available on GitHub, Bitbucket, or similar repository hosters.

Be a part of the community

You're a developer and you've created an open-source library or aplication? Don't hesitate to submit your project to android-arsenal's collection! All you have to do is to (optionally) login with your github account and submit the library via the specific formular.

Never miss a new library!

You're a library freak as I am? You're always interested in new projects? You're a pushbullet user?
Great! Android-Arsenal has a pushbullet channel, where every new library gets announced. Don't hesitate to subscribe to the pushbullet channel and never miss a new library again 😉

Android-Arsenal is open-source, too. It's hosted by Vladislav Bauer on his GitHub Account. You can check out the repository here.


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