App Translator (beta) translates whole apps without the need to copy anything

You heard about the new floating translation bubble by Google Translate, called “Tap to Translate”? If not here's a small clip:


Tap to Translate is a really amazing thing, because you don't need to switch the apps anymore. But what's when you use an app in a foreign language?

That's where App Translator comes in:

App Translator, which is still in beta stadium and only available via this opt-in link, tries to recognize all the text fields in the apps you select and then translates the text inside these fields and shows an overlay over the real app. So it isn't modifying the app itself.

It's pretty cool, because this way, you can also use for example the app from an foreign mobile operator. The creator of this app wrote as reason via he started this app on Reddit:

A while ago, I was visiting Istanbul (beautiful city!) and bought a local sim card to avoid to crazy roaming charges. I of course downloaded the operator's Android app… which was all in Turkish! How could I recharge my credit if I couldn't even understand the difference between the “logout” button and the “credit” button? I knew I had to do something about it, and that is how App Translator was born!

I think at least the idea of this app is very unique and needs to be appreciated. But also the implementation worked pretty well during my first tries.

You want to try this app too? Feel free…

Beta Opt-In for App Translator

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