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Although BlackBerry's earning reports weren't as good as many people hoped, BlackBerry announced a beta for it's Priv smartphone.

I'd talk about a #PRIV Marshmallow beta today but given #AprilFools you might not believe me! Gonna have to wait for next week

— Michael Clewley (@MichaelClewley) 1. April 2016

And here we go #Priv beta

— Michael Clewley (@MichaelClewley) 4. April 2016

Here are some of the new features according to the blog post:

  • Now On Tap, which identifies keywords in your communications, apps and searches and automatically adds cards with relevant information, such as directions to a restaurant mentioned in your friend's dinner invitation.
  • Better battery life with Doze, which puts your PRIV into a sleep state when you haven't used or moved it in a while, and App Standby, which limits the impact of rarely used apps on your battery.
  • Streamlined settings allow you to manage all of an app's settings in one place.
  • Auto backup for apps, which lets you seamlessly back up your apps and app data, and system settings backup, which allows you to back up things like sync, do not disturb and accessibility settings, so you can get right back where you were if you need to restore.

But isn't that strange that a company, which sells a brand new device needs six months to publish an update for it, after the source code was made public? (Google released Marshmallow last October!)

Maybe that's due to some deep changes BlackBerry made to the OS, but do you really want to buy a device where you know, that updates will need more than a half year?

You can join the waitlist here. The program is currently already full, so you may have to wait a while.

Do you have a PRIV? Comment what you think about the device!

Image from Android Authority

You can find the German version of this article here.

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