Casper - Smart alternative client for Snapchat

Snapchat is very popular at the moment: the Android app has over 100 Million downloads and it's ranked on the top positions of the Google Play Store in many countries.

But one thing I don't like very much on Snapchat, is that there are just a few features. It's very limited.

A way to escape these limitations is the alternative client called “Casper“.

With Casper you have a lot of features:

  • Save Snaps: With Casper you can act like a ghost and stealthily save media. The sender won't know you have done so.
  • Forward Snaps: Want to forward a received snap or story to someone else? With Casper you can!
  • Filters: The Media Editor in Casper allows you to tweak the look of your photos by applying one of the various filters available.
  • Slide Filters: Slide Filters allow advanced users to make their media look more professional. These are similar to GeoFilters, however you create them yourself and load them into the Media Editor.
  • Stickers: The Imoji SDK has been integrated into Casper allowing you to search through hundreds of thousands of stickers to add to your photos.
  • More: Casper is full of features allowing you to be as creative as you can be. Explore to find more!

The thing I like the most on Casper, is that you don't need Google Play Services and the app uses just a little part of the smartphone storage Snapchat would use.

Because Casper isn't available on Google Play, because it doesn't fit with the brand guidelines, you have to download it via APKMirror.

Be careful! It can happen that Snapchat blocks your account, because you used an external client, which isn't allowed in the terms of use!

Tip: You first have to enable “Unknown sources” in your security settings, that you can install the APK file.

Jan-Lk Else

I'm the guy behind this cool blog about Android ;-)

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