Chrome Dev 50 brings Custom Tabs for every app!

Do you use Google Chrome Dev for Android and Custom Tabs? If you have Chrome Dev selected as your default browser, you may already noticed it: All apps have Custom Tabs now!

chrome dev custom tabs

Google Chrome started custom tabs in version 45 as a new way for apps opening website and it was primary dedicated to replace webviews inside apps. But every developer had to implement support for custom tabs too.

Some months ago a new app called Chromer appeared to which helps you using custom tabs in every app.

But now with the begin of the rollout of this new feature Chromer may lose it's reason to be there because Chrome does it now itself.

Please keep in mind that Chorme Dev is some kind of alpha version of Chrome for Android. So don't be surprised about random crashes or other bugs.

If you like bugs, download and test the new feature ?.

Image credit: AndroidPolice


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