Android Cliffnotes @ Codepath

This post is for developers about an awesome collection of useful tutorials & explanations.
Some of you might already know Codepath, but for those of you who don't know this site already, it's definietly worth having a look at it when you get stuck in your code 🙂

What is Codepath?

Codepath is an open-source Website for Android Cliffnotes.
The goal is to become the central, crowdsourced resource for complete and up-to-date pratical Android developer guides for any topic.
This quote was taken from their original website here

What content is covered?

No matter in which section of android development you're interested in, Codepath will have your interests covered.

With about +20 topics all around Android development (and of course a bunch of subtopics, too) you might for sure find something you didn't know about android yet.

You know something that isn't already covered on Codepath? Great, create a new Guide for it and open a pull request on the Codepath GitHub Repository.

Anyways, I hope this article will help you dev's out there solving your problems and achieving new skills, and for Codepath it'll hopefully bring some new people writing interesting and awesome guides to spread them in the world.


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