Want to try a new eye-candy browser? Try Colombo...

Today I want to present you a new app again, and this app is called “Colombo Browser”. The app is developed mainly by Riccardo Busetti (aka 512 Labs). I asked him why he started developing this app and he answered this:

I started developing this app because I wanted to create a lightweight browser but with a very great UX. The browser should be simple, light and fast and also be able to run on slow devices (including the animations). All in all I wanted to create the most simple and fast web browsing experience.

So now let's take a look at the app itself:

  1. It's open source and available on GitHub. That means, that you can check the source code, if you dosn't trust the developer and think he's integrating spyware. I can say for sure he isn't! If you want, you can also help improving the app even more (if you have the skills of coding).
  2. It's very light. The app itself is just around 2 MB big, so it doesn't waste useless space on your phone, especially when your storage is very limited.
  3. Its UI looks very unique and eye-candy. It's the first browser I saw for a long time, that really has a nice user interface.
  4. The browser concept is a bit different than usual. You don't have the option to open multiple tabs or windows. According to the developer this is made this way, because the browser should be more intuitive. You should open the browser, search for the things you need, find and read them and then close them. So the possibility to get distracted is a bit smaller.
  5. It's fast. Due to the use of the Android WebView, which is starting from Android 5.0 Lollipop the same base Chrome has, makes this browser very speedy.
  6. It has an Incognito mode, so you can be sure, what you open in it, won't be discoverable for someone else.
  7. The downloader is quite nice, because it always asks you, if you really want to save that file. So no unwanted downloads happen with it.

Because the app is still in its first versions it might be sometimes a bit buggy, but due to the developer is very engaged and it's open source (like mentioned above) the not yet perfect working things should be fixed soon. I also believe the browser will get more of this really cool features sometime. So feel free to try the app and share your opinion (as always ?).

Jan-Lk Else

I'm the guy behind this cool blog about Android ;-)

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