EarthViewer Beta - Beautiful Earth-wallpapers

Did you ever took Google Earth to fly around the world to discover some great looking parts of our planet?

Either you did it or not, there's a cool app called “EarthViewer”, that helps you to use the satellite images from our planet (made by Google) as wallpaper on your Android phone.

The app, which is open source, fetches the images and data from Google EarthView. Google EarthView is a website by Google, where you can see some really nice looking parts from the earth.

Here's a full feature list of the app:

  • over 1500 earth Wallpapers (all of them are in 1800 x 1200 resolution)
  • details screen for every image containing information like region, country etc.
  • favorite section, where you can see your favorite places
  • instant apply feature: instantly apply the images as your wallpaper without having to download them
  • download feature: download your favorite wallpapers and save them where you want
  • tap on the image and you'll be directed to Google Maps, where you can discover the area, where the photo was taken
  • Muzei Support (read the Muzei review on appydroid here)

If you're developer, you can use the library, which is the base of this app, to create some nice applications with EarthView too. You can find the library and the source of this app on GitHub here.

I hope you have some fun using this nice app! You can comment your favorite photo, if you want ?.

Jan-Lk Else

I'm the guy behind this cool blog about Android ;-)

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