Facebook Messenger Lite: Great or bad step?

Facebook tries to convince more and more people using it's Messenger app on Android and iOS. After deleting the chat feature from the main app some years ago, the Messenger app has now over one BILLION monthly users. An enormous value if you look at how bad programmed the app actually is, too big, uses too much storage and mobile data and slows down the phone.

To recruit more users, they announced: Facebook Messenger Lite.

We already know Facebook Lite for some time. It's an very basic app, which let's you access the most important parts of the social network and it's size is only around 1 MB.

Messenger Lite will be a little bit bigger but the developers said, it will be less than 10 MB. The app will contains the basic features like sending and receiving messages, sending and receiving photos and receiving stickers. Unfortunately sending stickers isn't possible. (I think stickers are useless – so I don't care.) It will be available primary in Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela. There isn't a leaked APK yet.

Is it a good step?

Being able to communicate with an older smartphone with low specs might be very helpful for people who can't effort a newer phone or paying for SMS. So this might be a good thing.

But isn't it possible to write Facebook messages via the already existing Facebook Lite app too? Why do people with low specs phones need a second app just for messages, when they can already use a smaller and less data consuming app? Or is Facebook planning to remove messaging support from FB Lite? This would be a bad step!

Why don't just improve the main app?

If I would be Facebook, I would care more about the main apps. Releasing a bunch of extra apps, just because the original apps are to bloated seems a very bad thing too me. I think, they should try to decrease the size of the Facebook app and the Messenger app instead of wasting time developing new apps for developing countries. Also people with high specs phones would profit from this!

Jan-Lk Else

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