Facebook Messenger + Material Design?

What? Facebook uses Material Design in their apps? Yes at least in the Messenger app for Android.

And this is how it looks like:

messenger material

David Marcus from Facebook announced yesterday in a post that the Messenger app for Android will get this major redesign.

But is this real Material Design?

I can't really judge this. I'm not using the Messenger or the Facebook app itself on my phone, because it's using so much useless phone storage and makes the phone slow (and uses a big part of energy). But I don't think it's “real” Material Design. Although Facebook added some cool looking toolbars or floating action buttons, they totally forgot some basic Material principles. These principles are for example simplicity. But the new design isn't really simple. There are a lot of unstructured information on the screen. All in all I think, the Messenger hasn't got a completely new UI. Just the colors changed and some FABs were added. That's all.

What do you think? Comment…

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