Facebook Messenger + Spotify

Exciting news for Spotify users!

Listen up! Spotify is now available for Messenger, meaning you can say “Hello” to your friends…or “Sorry” if needed. We're making it easy for you to let your friends know what music you are loving at any moment. While chatting, tap the More tab and then choose Spotify to get started. Or if a friend sends you a song, just tap “Open” to hop over to Spotify to start listening.

This is rolling out today and will be available broadly soon!

This is the Facebook post made by the Messenger team.

This also indicates that Facebook is going different ways with WhatsApp and Messenger. Both have a lot (!!!) of users but both have some different principles. WhatsApp is dedicated to be as simple as possible while Messenger is dedicated to make conversations more feature rich. I can't image that WhatsApp will get Spotify support too, because this is against this principles.

Nevertheless have fun with this new feature and enjoy sending music to your friends!

Jan-Lk Else

I'm the guy behind this cool blog about Android ;-)

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