Forest - Stay focused and see the trees growing...

Do you sometimes feel distracted? Are you doing something different although you have to do a special task? Forest may be your solution…

Don't get distracted anymore! With Forest, an app for Android (which is available for example for Firefox and Chrome too), helps you with that.

How does  it work?

Just enter the app and select how long you not want to use your phone and start “planting”. This “plants” some virtual trees, which grow with the time. After every 30 minutes the tree will be fully grown. But when you use your phone before this 30 minutes end, the tree will die (and you don't want to kill a tree, do you?).

This app is already out for a while but I thought it's interesting to mention, because for instance it helped me keeping focused onto my schoolwork (and don't writing too much here on appydroid).

Do you think it's helpful for you too? Try it out and leave a comment if it works for you…

Jan-Lk Else

I'm the guy behind this cool blog about Android ;-)

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