How to get YouTube Music working although it isn't supported in your country

YouTube Music is great alternative to services like Spotify, Deezer or Pandora. You can hear to all the music videos on YouTube without watching the videos itself. And for the start, you even get two weeks YouTube Red for free.

But unfortunately the YouTube Music app isn't supported in any country yet. Here's how you can use YouTube Music on your phone nevertheless:

First you have to download the APK for YouTube Music somewhere else, when you can't do it in your country via the Google Play Store. A good place for that is APKMirror (review on appydroid). You can find the APK for YouTube Music here. You can also install it, after you downloaded it, but please don't open it yet.

Then you have to download Orbot. Orbot is the app, that connects your phone to Tor. Tor is a way, to hide your identity on the web and also Edward Snowden uses it. But we are using it, because it let's you choose the country, from where you'll get the IP address.

Install Orbot via Google Play (Download here) and open it. Now on the bottom on the right, there's a switch, where you can choose the country. Choose “United States” (because YouTube Music is available there). Then click on VPN and let it connect.

After that you can open the YouTube Music app and can set up everything.


Warning: You should always enable Orbot when using YouTube Music, otherwise YouTube Music may not work. Also keep in mind that Orbot is sometimes some kind of slow, because all your internet traffic goes through at least three different servers in different countries and that may take a while.

Tip: You can also use Orbot for other services, that are blocked in your country. And when your provider blocks Orbot, just use the “Bridge” feature from Orbot.

Jan-Lk Else

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