Google presents the perfect alternative to the Spotlight Search on iOS

We probably all use our phones often to search for things. We want to get information from the internet and maybe also search on the phone itself, for example for chat messages.

Google's app offers this now too. With the Google app you can now also search for things on your phone, for example in WhatsApp, Facebook's Messenger, Gmail, Spotify and a lot more apps.

Something like this was already possible before with deep-links to apps, but it always required a cloud search. The new search should be able to work without a cloud request, so it'll be also fast on slower connections or even without network at all.

Google also announced that the new LG V20 will have a direct shortcut to this new search from the home screen and all of LG's preinstalled apps will be searchable.

I really like Google's approach to build an alternative to Apple's Spotlight Search on iOS, although I would really wish a better way to access it, maybe through an creatable shortcut.
Feel free to check it out!

Source: Google Inside Search

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