Google presents "Spaces" app for small groups

Google just published a new app (although it's just short before the I/O 16). The new app called “Spaces” is directed to small groups to share and discuss about special topics, photos etc.

If you want to

  • create a group with classmates,
  • create a group with people you did a trip with
  • or maybe a family group

Spaces fits for you.

The app will be available shortly for Android, iOS and web. And it has Google Search, YouTube, and Chrome integration.

The reason why Google published the app before the I/O is, that they want to “experiment” with it then. They created a “space” for every session, so Google I/O attendees can discuss about them.

Some screenshots are here:


It's interesting to see how Google tries to get into the social media business (not everyone seems to like Google+ – except of me, because I do).

Read more at the official Google post…

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