[Update: APK leaked] Google is testing "Google Trips" app for Android

UPDATE #1: Just two days later there appeared the first leaked APK of Google Trips on APKMirror. It's available here.

That Google is working on an app for traveling, was very calculable, because there are already some nice features integrated in Inbox by Gmail (which just got a nice update too).

Some days / weeks ago, some Local Guides (which reached at least level 2) got emails, where they were asked, if they want to test a new travel app.

Now, there are some leaked screenshots in the internet and they are looking quite good:

According to the screenshots, the app will help you managing your flight times etc.. It will also show you things you might like to do during your trip and there will be an offline mode.

All in all a pretty nice thing, especially, when you like traveling, like I do.

An APK hasn't been leaked yet, but I think it won't take too long anymore…

Will you use this app? Comment…

Source: Android Police via Android World

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