Hopefully not pixelated: Pixel Launcher

Almost every product Google develops gets leaked before it's official announcement. Same goes for the rumored Pixel devices, probably the alternative to Apple's iPhones. Now there's already the homescreen app of these devices available – the Pixel Launcher.

Pixel Launcher

The Pixel Launcher (originally leaked as Nexus Launcher – but now renamed) is expected to be the default homescreen app of the Pixel phones (remember the Pixel C – Google's tablet?). It's also possible that the launcher will be exclusive just for them.

Nevertheless it's able to install on almost every Android phone, also with no root (the only thing that requires root is enabling the Google Now page). And it looks beautiful, doesn't it? So simple and clean  – much better than the old Google Now Launcher.


Next to the launcher itself, there's also a new wallpaper app. The app features a collection of images posted on Google+. I guess they are all handpicked and frequently updated – perfect for people, who love to update there wallpaper regularly.


You can download the launcher APK here, as well as the wallpaper APK here.

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