HOUND Voice Search & Assistant - An everyday life helper

Hound by SoundHound is a new interesting app and a good alternative to Google Now. Maybe it's even better than Google Now because it's equals the word assistant more.

According to the Google Play Store description you're able to select from a huge list of features:

  • Weather + Temperature: Ask Hound everything related to the current weather or the forecast. It'll answer you. “What's the weather going to be like tomorrow at 6pm?”
  • Local Search + Yelp Restaurants: You can search for restaurants nearby and you also have the option to exclude some categories like Chinese restaurants. “Show Restaurants within 10 miles except for Chinese”
  • Navigation + Directions: Hound seems to be a pretty good navigator. Just ask for directions. “Show me directions to the nearest Starbucks”
  • Hotel Search + Expedia booking: “Show hotels in Seattle that are pet-friendly, have a gym, and cost less than $275”
  • Uber: You can even book an Uber car “hands-free”.
  • Phone calls + text messages: Send messages or make phone calls.
  • Web searches: Search for anything using your voice.
  • Calculator: “What is the square root of 16 minus the square root of 9?”
  • More: Video search, News search, Photo & Image search, Stock Prices, Flight status, Date and Time, Alarm and Timer, Music search including “SoundHound Now” feature – activate a music recognition search or a Sing/Hum search, Mortgage Calculator, Currency Converter, Unit Converter, Word and phrase translation, Wikipedia, Dictionary, Play interactive games…

I think the developers of Hound got inspiration from Google Now, because you can start Hound by saying “Ok Hound” (like “Ok Google”).

According to the Google Play description the app is very fast with responding and also understands you when speaking naturally. But you can't expect anything else from the developers of one of the most famous music detection apps (SoundHound).

The app was also a very long time in beta so it should be relatively bug and crash free.

In my opinion Hound is a very cool app for people who are quite lazy (like me) and who always dreamed about a personal assistant. (Just tell your friends you have a personal assistant, not that this assistant is a free app.)

Here's a small video explaining the app:

[youtube https://youtu.be/c2lLo2-gykg]

And you can also found more information on their website.

What do you think about assistant apps? Do you use them? Comment, please…

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