Icon Pack News #2 - Briq, Nucleo UI, Aurora UI...

Today comes the second round of the Icon Pack News again with the latest news from the icon pack world and some new and fresh icon packs, you may not know already!


The first app I want to present you is Briq. It's an icon pack by 221 Pixels, who have a lot of icon packs on Google Play.

It's a very cool and unique icon packs with some kind of “squared” icons. But there was also an update with the following changelog:

  • 90+ new icons
  • 90+ new themed apps
  • New colors for the Play Store icons (and new defaults and variants)
  • Redesigned icons
  • Officially using Polar Request Manager
  • Lots and lots of activity fixes

Feel free to check it out…

Nucleo UI

Nucleo UI is a really big icon pack. It includes more than 4000(!!) icons in Material Design. It's developed by Froam, who also has many icon packs and also some Zooper widgets and watchfaces on Google Play.

Now there's an update with the following changelog:

  • Added 17 new icons
  • Added new Google Playstore style icons
  • Added new HTC icons
  • Added new generic icons
  • Added new Sony icons
  • Restyling many apps
  • Fixed missed apps

Another icon pack, worth to check

Here's my last recommendation: It's Aurora UI. It's also developed by Froam and it's just updated to version 2.0 with this ammazing changes:

  • 4200 icons!
  • Complete icons redesign
  • New colorful gradient
  • New drawer icons
  • New dynamic calendar support
  • New Games section
  • New Stock icons section with the most important product icons. Like Samsung, htc, Motorola, Sony etc..

Feel free to check out all this icon packs and please comment some of your favorite icon packs in the comment section! I don't get paid to promote them…

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