Inbox as Pocket alternative?

Inbox by Gmail, the new alternative Gmail client, which is officially developed by Google, now supports some kind of link saving and automatically detects your newsletters and shows them in a more beautiful way.

You can save links to Inbox either by coping and pasting them or sharing a link with Inbox. That both ways are pretty similar to how Pocket works.

inbox save

But Inbox has a feature more: According to the official post on the Gmail Blog, it now analyzes your emails better and detects news and events better and shows them to you in a pretty beautiful list.

inbox techcrunch newsletterinbox calender bowling

But I personally would still prefer Pocket or use it at least next to Inbox, because it has an advantage Inbox doesn't have: an API. With the API, you can login with your Pocket to several newsreader apps (like feedly) and save links directly to Pocket.

So you have to decide yourself? Would you prefer Inbox or Pocket?

I don't say the new feature in Inbox is bad…

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