Instabridge: Get access to WiFi networks everywhere

I'm traveling a lot and all over the world. I like traveling.

So I'm often not in my home country, where I have a mobile data plan. But how do I get internet on the go?

I use Instabridge, which is a pretty cool app, that helps me to always find some free WiFi nearby. Here's how the app works:

Instabridge has a very big database of free and open and secure WiFis, from almost every country. According to the Play Store description, they have more than 3 million WiFi networks in their database! There's also the possibility to find some networks, that are locked with a password, but the app can connect to them though. Isn't that cool? It is, at least I think.

Another thing I very like about the app: Just let it always run in the background. It has the option to automatically connect to new networks, when you're close enough to them. So the app isn't only useful on trips around the world, it is also useful in your home city or wherever you could also get mobile data, so you can save your data plan by using this awesome app.

And there's also a travel option, so that the app doesn't consume your mobile data on the go…

For geeks: If you take this app as kind of a game, there's also a ranking list of people who have added networks too the app, so try to compete with them ? and add some own networks.

All in all: I very like this app!

PS: I heard, that they plan to integrate support for captive portals, so keep excited…

Jan-Lk Else

I'm the guy behind this cool blog about Android ;-)

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