Instagram Stories: Just a copy or better than Snapchat?

Snapchat fanboys will say: “Hey Instagram (Facebook) just copied, because they failed to buy Snapchat!”. I think that might be right, but in my opinion, Instagram still made it better and here's why.


Do you ever experienced the following scenario? You open Snapchat on a bad internet connection, for example, when you're in a train or bus and your just on EDGE, and try to update the list of Stories from all your contacts? And what happens: The loading won't finish and the phone starts heating which let's your battery percentage decrease fast. Also if Instagram isn't much faster than Snapchat, it just uses less battery and the phone stays at the normal temperature.


When it comes to the design of the feature, I like Instagram's version much more. When I open Instagram and see the vertical row of new stories, it's way less annoying, than seeing Snapchat's horizontal list with big (very big) advertisements in between (I see the Discovery feature in Snapchat as pure ads).

Also the animations in Instagram are much smoother and also more eye-catching than on Snapchat. Just my opinion…


Next to the above mentioned things another aspect of Instagram's integration is better. The features. Snapchat has only some basic features when it comes to text on Stories. Ok, you can select between 3 different styles and you can move the text around and scale it. But, Instagram has more options! You can also apply different styles to the text like glowing (which looks very awesome). Instagram also offers some more photo filters than Snapchat.

The only thing, that Snapchat supports, but Instagram not, are moving stickers, filters like the popular dog filter and Bitmoji. But are they really necessary?

All in all I really like the new Instagram feature and personally prefer it over Snapchat. I guess Instagram will add some features soon, so I'm still excited of how it will improve. At least I think everyone who already uses Instagram or Snapchat should give the Stories a try.

Tell me what you think and maybe also comment your IG username in the comments section below (I want to see your cat pics ).

Jan-Lk Else

I'm the guy behind this cool blog about Android ;-)

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