Exclusive interview: James Fenn, developer of several Android apps

Welcome to the first exclusive appydroid interview, this time with James Fenn. He's an student from the US and he's the developer of Status and several other apps. There's already one article about one of his apps: Monkey Tester. Enjoy reading the interview!

When did you start coding?

I got my developer account on Google Play quite a while after I started making my first project, so I wouldn't trust the publication date on the Play Store (it says Nov 15 I think). So I guess one and a half?

What was your first project?

It's called Paragraphical Expander, basically I got bored of typing so I made a thing to replace small words with longer phrases and added options like doubling the spaces as well. It's for school essays .

What made you to start coding apps for Android?

Um. I got a laptop. And had a summer break with nothing to do .

Well, if you want more specific stuff I met Alexandre Piveteau in some random post on Google+ quite a while before.  He answered a crap ton of random questions I had and I eventually decided I wanted to learn how to do this stuff. In other words, I asked him twice as many questions.

Do you want to study and what could you image as your job?

I don't really know what I'm going to be doing once I get out of high school, but I'll most likely end up with a job related to app development or similar.

What are the tips you would give a app programmer starter?

Make sure you actually read the developer tutorials before asking everyone you know for an answer (unlike me), but if you do need help there are plenty of huge communities with loads of people willing to answer questions and help with small projects.

What is your current phone?

An HTC Desire

Thanks for the interview!

Jan-Lk Else

I'm the guy behind this cool blog about Android ;-)

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