Learn JavaScript with Encode

Hello all coders and all others who want to learn how to code! This is a review of a pretty cool app, which interactively teaches you the basic of JavaScript (a very often used programming language at least in web development).

Although there are a lot of other cool apps out there which teaches you how to code (think about SoloLearn for example), this app is exceptional. The app itself is just less than 5 MB big and it includes everything about JS (short name of JavaScript).

All the lessons and exercises are well structured and divided into different sections.

If you already have some JS skills and knowledge, you can also skip the first levels. So it can be more a wiki instead an exercise book app.

Because the app works offline, you can use it anywhere you want. It's also completely free, just expect some not annoying popup ads after finishing levels.

Feel free to download the app!

Or if you want to try SoloLearn for JS instead try this.

Jan-Lk Else

I'm the guy behind this cool blog about Android ;-)

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