Muzei - The wallpaper app with the API

Android fans are customization fans. Configuring the wallpaper is one of the must-have features of Android.

Muzei is almost the only wallpaper app that makes developers implementing wallpaper features in their apps easy.

With over 1 million downloads the app is quite popular and many app developers use the API of this app to enhance their icon packs etc. with a cool wallpaper function.

The main purpose of this app is to regularly refresh the wallpaper automatically in the background. But it also dims and blurs the pictures, to keep the icons in the spotlight.

You can choose between different image source like the default source, that shows you famous paintings, your image gallery or any other app that supports Muzei.

In addition to this, it's also open source (the code is on GitHub) and it's an “Android Experiment“.

The developer of this awesome app is Roman Nurik, who's developer advocate at Google.

The app is completely free, so feel free to install and test it on your device. It's available on Google Play.

Developers can find the API references here.


Jan-Lk Else

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