Opera Max becomes Adware with version 2.0

That were times when I said Opera Max is one of my favorite apps. Yes I really loved Opera Max! (Read my first review here) But now pronounce the “loved”, because I don't love it anymore.

Opera just created a new listing (the third one for Opera Max) to publish version 2.0. But before you go and try the app, let me warn you!

Opera Max joined this “Booster” apps, that promise to make your phone incredible fast (they promise – but they lie). There's a new icon in the toolbar and when you click on it, it shows you a whole page of “recommended” apps (all the apps, the developers have to pay for to get attention – and a lots of money for Opera). It's also possible to see ads, after pressing this “boost” button, but Opera didn't describes what it actually does. Is it a placebo?

I hope this ad thing will cause really much negative feedback for Opera and they'll redo the change (it's unlikely, I know), but I really really want this to be an exception. I don't know which browser I can use on my 32 kbit/s data plan without Opera Mini…

If you can live with ads, install the app, if not stay on version 1.x or simply don't install the app at all.

I forgot: Now the app offers a mode called “WiFi Privacy”. Is that the Android version of “Opera VPN” (which was just published for iOS)?

Here's the new version:

And here's the old one:

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