Opera Mini browser - Save your data volume

I already described you Opera Max, the data management control center for your phone. It helps you saving data volume as well as blocking apps from using your network connection. Another cool tool by Opera is the browser Opera Mini.

Here are some features that let me love this app:

  • Image / website compression: In my opinion the most important feature. This feature lets you configure how good the image quality should be. As less image quality as less internet will be used. It's even possible to completely disable images.
  • Data usage tracking: Track how much data you already used and how much you saved (compared to normal loading).
  • Extreme / high saving modes: There are two different modes available. The extreme saving mode, which really compresses the images to up to 3 percent of the original size and the high saving mode which let's the websites be more beautiful but also saves less data.
  • Video compression: If you use the high saving mode the app can also compress videos, so that you have more of your data plan…

There are also a whole lot more features, but you have to discover them yourself ?.

But a really great thing in addition to the above mentioned ones, is that the app is less than 5 MB big!

To prove you that this is a quite popular app here the current positions in the top lists on Google Play according to AppBrain:

stats GPlay opera mini

Feel free to download the app from Google Play:

There's also a beta version available (if you can live with some crashes or bugs):

Do you use data savings apps on your phone and do you use Opera Mini? Share your thoughts and tell others your opinion about this app.

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