Why I'm paying for Spotify (or music streaming in general) (Opinion)

Recording music from Spotify would be very easy. There are a lot of free programs, that do all the things for you. Also YouTube downloading is very easy. But I'm not doing this (nevertheless legal) things. I'm just paying 4.99€ (or 4.99$). I just have to pay 50% of the normal price, because I'm student. But I would also pay the full price when I wouldn't be student. It's worth it.

⚠️ This isn't an ad! I'm not receiving a single cent from Spotify or any other music streaming service for writing this article! This is just my personal point of view!

Did you ever thought about the reason, why streaming of music and videos became so popular in the last time? It's neither because they have so exclusive music nor because the quality is better than somewhere else. It's because the service. The service of analyzing your listening behavior and presenting you songs or videos you might like. And the service of always providing you new released music.

Isn't it easier to hear an almost endless playlist of songs you like instead of skipping hundred of local saved tracks, just because you aren't in the right mood for this songs? It is – I can swear.

And honestly – I wouldn't hear as much music as I do now, when I wouldn't have Spotify. I used iTunes for quite a lot of years. My library contained about 2k to 3k titles. But I was to lazy to buy new songs all the time. That would have been much more expensive than Spotify and I think I don't listen to songs more than ten times a week.

Another reason why I pay for Spotify is, that I like all these nice features. Earlier I always had to connect my iPod or phone via USB to my computer and had to copy all the songs I wanted to have on my device. With Spotify that's much easier: Simply install the app, log in and go to your library and click “Download”. Then Spotify will download the song, album or even playlist.

A very nice feature is also the new podcast feature. You can listen to selected audio or video podcasts ad-free (not like YouTube with 30 seconds ads for a 30 seconds video).

Although I only talked about Spotify, all that might be possible with other streaming services like Google Play Music, Apple Music, Deezer or also Amazon Prime. But I think Spotify has the biggest selection with over 30 millions songs – and that number is rapidly growing.

All in all I think, you have to decide yourself, if you really want to do a lot of hours “Spotify-YouTube recording” work, spending much money on buying songs on iTunes or just buying that great service from any of the music streaming services.

Tip: If you aren't student and you also watch a lot of YouTube videos, you might like YouTube Red / Google Play Music All-Access. That's available for the same price like Spotify, but there are also some possibilities to get a small discount. And I think, you'll also get 10% discount on Google Play purchases like apps, games and movies and you'll get an ad-free YouTube and Google Play Music experience.

Feel free to download Spotify:

… or Google Play Music …

… or YouTube Music (read here how to use it, when it isn't available in your country).

The feature image is from the Spotify website (Link to the original image).


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