The Play Store gets some nice features for beta freaks in version 6.7

Yes, the Play Store gets updates too. From time to time Google implements some new features to it, especially when the Google I/O is very close (I hope we'll see some great new Android related things there – no I don't hope, I know!).

The latest update of the Play Store app (version 6.7) is very interesting for people who subscribe to many beta versions on Google Play. Till now it was very hard to manage all the beta subscriptions, because that was only possible via the opt-in websites.

But now you'll see an information banner directly under the Install button, when you take part in a beta program. And another great thing is, that you can directly manage via the app page, if you want to leave the program. AND: If there's a public beta available for an app, where you haven't joined the beta yet, you can do it directly via the app. Isn't that nice?

No more wasted brain for reminding about betas you take part in – thanks Google! I really hope to see more user (and also developer) friendly innovations in one of the products Google earns a big part of it's revenue with – Google Play.

If you want to skip the wait time, till the roll-out reaches you, you can download the APK via APKMirror (as usual).

Here are some screenshots of the new features:

Images from Android Police

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