Pokémon GO - My first thoughts

Welcome back to appydroid. To make it short: Some things went wrong and some articles on appydroid got lost – forever. This isn't undoable – I'm sorry. But now I'm back and there are hopefully some new articles soon .

So Pokémon GO is catching the whole world and everyone is freaking out about Niantic's new app. But is the hype real? Is the app really so good? Continue reading this article to learn to know my opinion about this.

I admit, I was one of the hyping guys too. I directly downloaded the APK from APKMirror after it was finally released in the US, Australia and some more countries. Because I live in Germany it wasn't directly available here.

The first days with this app sucked. A downtime that felt like 90%. I guess Niantic didn't calculated with so many new users. (It's really an incredible number, the game has almost as much users as Twitter has.) Some days later, when it was officially released in Germany too (it's now available in whole Europe), it felt better. They seemed like they fixed the server problems. So I played it quite a lot and reached level 5, where you can join arenas…


… the game was a pain. Because I have a very limited data plan (just 100 MB per month – that's completely used after a few days) my phones connection was very slow (just around 36 kbit/s). And with a slow connection the game just makes no fun. Starting it takes multiple tries and minutes, Pokéstops don't work and everything just sucks. But the problem wasn't only on a slow connection. Also when I had WiFi and catched a Pokémon the app just got stuck a special screen.

All that made me thinking about the game from another point of view. What's the real use of the game? Is it really just running around, catching Pokémons, stopping at Pokéstops and fighting in arenas? Why does the app has such a hype? I can't get it…

So Niantic and Nintendo / Pokémon: Please fix all the annoying bugs, make your servers faster (the server issues just started again during writing this article) and bring a few more features to the game. Then I might start playing it again…

By the way: Did you already bought some In-App-Purchases inside the app? If yes, what items?

I might write some more articles about this game and my experience with it, so please tell me your opinion about it and the game itself.

Jan-Lk Else

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