Pokémon Go: The bots are back, hackers gained back access to the Pokemon GO API - Am I a cheater?

Welcome to the next round of my Pokémon Go (PoGO) talks here on appydroid! In this article, I'll talk about Bots, third-party apps and some more things. Stay patient…

Maybe you heard it: Niantic changed the API of Pokémon GO to block access from third party apps like the dozens of different Pokémon radars, to see all the Pokémons live on a map. I personally don't play much Pokémon, I just have  it installed and open it from time to time, to see if there are some of the little monsters nearby, so I wasn't really affected by the API change.

But nevertheless Niantic was (in a positive way), which I think is really noticeable in this picture:


Because there is no real scale with number, we can't really how much the amount of queries per second decreased, but it let Niantic launch the game in multiple American and Asian countries this week.

If I would be Niantic, I Poké-Map (strange word) to prevent that all the apps, that tried to offer the map feature arise. (But that's another topic.)

Let's talk about Bots. Bots are always a controversial topic when it comes to games like Ingress or now Pokémon Go. Bots help lazy players to do all the tasks, they are to lazy for, like catching Pokémon, stopping at all the Pokéstops and hatching eggs. This is quite understandable and bearable. But what is definitely not OK is fighting with bots in gyms and occupying all of them.

code-1486361[1]I like coding, but sometime it's too much – so I chose the easiest bot.

Because I don't play the (controversial) game Pokémon GO much (yes, I'm not addicted – this is still possible!) and I wouldn't care much about a permanent or soft ban, I took the risk on me and tried the popular bot Necrobot. This looked to me like one of the easiest configurable and usable bots.

I started with my account which was just one level 6 (very bad) and configured everything. Then I started running the bot and let it work some hours. Between that I updated the bot every few hours, because there were new releases every few hours. After running it for two days (not all the time, but a few hours a day), I reached level 22. This was in the evening of the 3rd of August (around noon in the Pacific Timezone). When I woke up again the next morning, I wanted to start the bot again, but it only showed me strange things like that there are no Pokéstops nearby (I used the GPS coordinates of the Central Park in NYC as my location), but this sounds quite strange. But the app worked fine on my mobile.

So I went online to see the latest new about Pokémon GO and read that they applied some changes to their servers and their API. The change I described above.

work-933061[1]My imagination of hackers.

Now after some days hackers, reverse engineers, or however you would like to call them gained access to the API again (after spending several nights without sleeping and drinking a lot of coffee – I guess). They found out, how they have to encrypt their calls to the API, so that they get accepted by the severs. The first API, that worked again was is the pgoapi library by keyphact, which you can find here.

Now that they found ways of how to doing the fake request again, I think some of the bots will work again soon (hopefully Necrobot too – I want to reach at least level 30 without fighting in any gym, to show some peoples how good I am).

But I can't be so optimistic with the Poké-Maps apps too, because I heard / read (whatever), that the developers of this apps received some mails from Niantic's lawyers.

We'll see…

pokemon-1553995[1]I still see addictive kids and also adults everywhere. Are you one of them too?

However the story goes on with third-party apps and bots, I still wish Niantic could integrate some more features in the near future. I guess that some of the not so addicted players will leave the game with it get's too boring, because they can only do the same thing over and over (hatching eggs and all that stuff, you know). But when Niantic will do this I believe the game will stay at the first places in all of the app stores and will still make headlines in all media.

We'll see…

Now I want to know: What do you think about third-party apps? Do you think I'm a bad guy, because I cheated? Do you still play Pokémon? On which level are you? Write everything that comes to your mind in the comments below, I'm very interested in your opinions!

Jan-Lk Else

I'm the guy behind this cool blog about Android ;-)

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