Quoted messages come finally to WhatsApp (at least for beta users)

When I woke up today and browsed through all my favorite blogs and sites, a new topic dominated very much: Quoted Messages in WhatsApp. Other messengers like Telegram already have this feature for a quite long time, but nevertheless: now the feature is here!

According to what I read it's available for users who have at least version 2.16.118 on Android, but received quoted messages may be visible for users on older versions too.

whatsapp quotes 2

When you're on the WhatsApp version which has this features (here‘s how to get the latest beta via Google Play) and you want to try it out, first go to a chat and long click a message.

whatsapp quotes

After that you have the possibility to write your own message. And when you sent it, it looks like this:

whatsapp quotes

Feel free to play with the new version!

Other rumors and already partially activated features in WhatsApp are: video calling and GIF support and there's also a rumor about something with “bubbles”. We'll see soon…

News: The killer feature apparently has something to do with bubbles, replies and gestures. – WABetaInfo

Screenshots by Android Police

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