The reason why suddenly so many apps have this ad-lockscreen

It seems that currently many apps with a big user base like ES explorer are getting annoying lock-screens full of ads, that should enable some kind of “Quick Charging” (We know that this isn't true). I did some research and found interesting things regarding to this.

Why it's Baidu's fault

Baidu, the Chinese competitor of Google, has its part called “Du Apps Studio” or “Du Group” and that's how they describe themselves:

DU Group is the world's most trusted android apps developer that creates innovate,
state-of-the-art apps for Android devices that are enjoyed by 1 billion of users worldwide. DU Group puts its ‘users first' to offer truly localized products whilst ensuring the highest level of assistant to its users. DU Group is a global, yet a truly local brand with offices in seven countries. In line with its brand spirit DU Group is “DU MORE”. Its popular free apps include DU Battery Saver, DU Speed Booster, DU Browser, DU Emoji Keyboard, ES File Manager, DU Tube, DU Flashlight, DU Security, DU Cleaner.

So the first thing that's clarified with this is, that ES File Explorer belongs to Baidu alias DU Group.

The Ad SDK and the Quick Charge Ads SDK

SDKs are libraries build for developers, so that they can integrate other services in their own apps.

The ad platform of the DU Group just launched 2016. And it's clear that they integrate they new SDKs as the first ones.

On this page you can find the SDKs to download. And look what we find there: A QUICK CHARGE ads SDK with detailed instructions of how to integrate and use it inside an Android app.

quick charge sdk screen

The reason Baidu did this


Do you know how Baidu earns money? Right, the same way like Google does, ADS! In 2015 their net income raised up to over 5 billion dollars. And somebody who earns so much money can't stop trying to earn more…

Infected apps

Because many users are full of hate now, they started to create a Google Spreadsheet, containing all the apps, that have “quick-charge” lock-screen, that aren't possible to be disabled and where the users don't get any notification, that there is this lock-screen. Here's the list: Link.

I hope this gives a good overview for the first part. I'll create a second (and maybe a third) article about Cheetah Mobile (creators of Clean Master) and other too soon… So stay excited!

Feature image by Android Police

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