Slide for Reddit - The best Reddit client I saw yet...

Reddit is a common source for me to stay up to date about Android topics. I browse a lot on /r/Android, r/AndroidApps, r/AndroidDev and many more…

But how do I serve on Reddit with my phone? Here I want to present you a very cool alternative to the just released official Reddit app (read the news here). It's name is Slide for Reddit and it's amazing!

It's amazing because:

  • it has all the basic features (like up/down-voting, commenting…)
  • it has all the advanced features (like moderation tools, backup options…)
  • it's look is very customizable (choose the colors you like the most)
  • it's free in it's basic version (though it almost complete all the necessary features)
  • it's completely open source (I love open source software ? – View the code on GitHub)

And I have to tell you a secret: Sometimes it's the only reason why I use Reddit (?).

If you don't trust me yet, that this app is the best Reddit client I ever saw, here's a complete list of the unique features (in addition to the offline mode, the content filters and the backup options) according Google Play:

  •, Imgur (albums, gifs, and images), and Gyfcat support
  • Full mod tools support including flairs, reports, approval, and stickying
  • Edit and create multireddits
  • Keep track of subs without subscribing
  • Add collections of subs (like private multireddits)
  • Inline comment support
  • Upload images to comments, private messages, submissions, and replies
  • Discover browser for finding new subreddits
  • Open certain domains externally
  • Full submission filter support (domains, text, title, and subreddit)
  • History settings
  • Synccit integration
  • Ponymotes integration
  • FULL markdown support including inline tables and code
  • Subreddit color api integration
  • Supports over 400 embedded content sites
  • Data saving mode for those on low data plans
  • Mark submissions as read on scroll
  • Configurable multicolumn (pro)
  • Hundreds of settings, configure Slide just how you want it!

That's a huge and fast expanding list! Just as I said, it's awesome!

There's also a paid unlocker app, which enables some pretty cool features like multiple coloums etc. It's definitely worth to buy it. And with buying it, you also support the developers of this app, so that they'll add more features in the future.

If you often watch videos on Reddit, you should also check the video plugin app:

PS: To clarify: This isn't an advertisement or something like this. I just wrote this article because I really love this app! I didn't get a single cent for promoting the app on appydroid, so decide yourself, if you want to share the love with the app or not.

Jan-Lk Else

I'm the guy behind this cool blog about Android ;-)

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