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As you may have noticed, it was very quite about appydroid the last time. In this post I want to inform you about the reasons and the near future of appydroid. I'll also tell you what's changed now:

Why there weren't some posts the last weeks

The internet is full of bad guys. People who want to get money from doing illegal things, but also people who have fun trying to destroy websites and server for example by so called DDOS-attacks. appydroid is hosted somewhere in the Netherlands in an data center, that often needs to handle such attacks. Because technical requirements the websites hosted there had to go offline whenever such an attack appeared. That's also why appydroid was down so often before too.

But now appydroid moved to another server, where this shouldn't happen again (yes 24h availability ?).

More changes to appydroid

After everything works again (since today) I thought about some more changes to appydroid.

The first thing that changed is, that there aren't AdSense ads on this page anymore. I decided, that it isn't good to lose potential readers just because I wanted to earn a few €s (the income is extremely low with AdSense too). So appydroid just got rid of banner ads!

The design changed a bit too. Did you like the old font? I did for a while but not anymore. The font didn't look very modern and didn't really fit into appydroid. So what do you think about the new font?

But next to the font I also applied some other design changes like the slideshow with featured posts on the start page and also the sidebar changed a bit too.

I hope I was able to inform you about the latest changes at appydroid (I think that makes everything a bit more transparent for everyone). In the next days and weeks I'll resume my article writing activity, so that you'll have some nice things to read!

Enjoy appydroid!

Jan-Lk Else

I'm the guy behind this cool blog about Android ;-)

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