Tappr: A primitive but fun game ?

As you may know, I love to code Android apps too (next to blogging about some cool apps on appydroid ☺️). I'm currently working on an newsreader app called “NewsCatchr”, which you can test via this community.

But I also had an app called “TapMe”, which I published a long time ago on Google Play and which I forgot to update more or less. Now the update is here! The first thing which changes is the name. The app's name is now “Tappr” and not “TapMe”  anymore. The second thing is the UI. I completely rewrote the app in the programming language Kotlin, which was released in the first stable version recently. The app also has a Bottom Navigation (aka BottomBar) now, where you can easily switch between the game and the leader-board, where you can compare your score with the score of your friends or even all other players, which are using this app.

The concept of the app is still the same and it's very simple! You have to tap 100 times onto the screen and as faster you do so, so better you are!

Just try it out and give me some feedback please…

By the way: The app is completely free and it doesn't contain any advertisements or In-App-Purchases!

Jan-Lk Else

I'm the guy behind this cool blog about Android ;-)

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