Telegram update (3.12) adds new Photo Editor, Masks and more

Yeah, I'm one of that Telegram fanboys and I also have an own channel (@tgrambeta) on the not so unpopular messaging app. Now there's the new update with the version code 3.12 that catches back my focus from Allo (which was released this week – unfortunately I had no time writing an article due to learning for school, I'm sorry).

The new update has not only the all new (but ugly) iOS 10 emojis, but also some more cool features:

Photo Editor 2.0 and Masks

The photo editor has been pushed to a new level with the possibilities to add stickers, masks and draw on your photos (just like Snapchat and Instagram Stories, and also WhatsApp with it's recent update). You can also add text to the pictures.

The stickers are called “Masks” and there are a lot of them and also everyone can upload new ones through @stickers.


Also new is the possibility to create own GIFs. Because WhatsApp often copies Telegram's features, I think it will be a WhatsApp feature soon too.

Trending stickers

The last big new thing is the in-chat trending stickers tab:

Trending stickers

Source: Telegram Blog

PS: appydroid is on a faster new server, which has hopefully much more uptime.

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