Telegram - Better than WhatsApp?!

Which messenger do you use as your primary app to connect with friends / family / colleagues?

I use WhatsApp (only because so many have this app) and Telegram (because it's the better one – in my opinion).

But why is it better?


  • Security: Telegram is the most secure messenger (after Threema). Telegram offers the option to use end-to-end encrypted chats with self-destructive messages
  • Speed / performance: Telegram is ways faster than WhatsApp or messengers like Facebook Messenger. When you send messages, they'll be delivered within milliseconds.
  • Multi-device support: You can use Telegram on endless devices at the same time.
  • Open source: All of Telegram's clients are open source. So you can check if everything is trustworthy. There are also a lot of Telegram mods for Android.
  • *Ad-Free: *The messenger is really ad-free and free of course too
  • Bots: Do you like bots? Then Telegram is the perfect place for you!
  • Stickers / GIFs: If you like them, it is like heaven…
  • File sending: Send files with a size of up to 1.5 GB (and an unlimited number of files and any file type)
  • *Very big groups: *Groups with up to 2000 (!!) people are supported
  • *Channels: *Subscribe to any channel with any topic
  • Privacy: Disallow your boss / parents /… to see when you were online the last time…

I would be able to continue this list for many more points. But to experience yourself why Telegram is so great you have to test it yourself. And you see: Most of the mentioned features aren't integrated into WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger or any other messenger. Telegram is very unique regarding to the amount of features you get for free.

The founders of this awesome app just announced that the app has 100 Million users now.


Jan-Lk Else

I'm the guy behind this cool blog about Android ;-)

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