Telegram 3.13 gets games

Just some weeks after the last update, which contains some nice new features like Masks, there's a new one available. This time with games. Games?!?

Yep, Games! HTML5-games, which are loaded like a website inside the app, so they don't need extra storage.

Last year we launched a Bot Platform for Telegram. Free, powerful, and open, it was an instant hit among users and developers. Today we are aiming to push the boundaries further by launching a bot-powered Gaming Platform on Telegram. That's right: you can now use bots to play games in your chats, complete with graphics and sound.

Ready to Play
Hundreds of games are headed your way, but about 30 are ready to be played on Telegram now, most of them published by @gamee. You can start a game by interacting with their bot directly, or by invoking it from any of your chats. To do that, try typing [email protected] “ in a group and choose a game to start playing with your friends.

If you spot a great game on Telegram, you can challenge your friends from other chats by sharing the game with them.

Better with Friends
The best part of the Telegram Gaming Platform is the competition across all your existing chats. We save high scores for every game played in every chat, and you can instantly check out how you and your friends are doing against each other. Every time there's a new leader in the game, other playing members of the chat are notified that they need to step it up.


No Added Calories
We know you love Telegram because it's lean and efficient. This is why the new Gaming Platform requires 0 bytes of disk space and won't add a single byte to the size of our apps. The only thing we're adding today is countless more fun moments in your chats.

And now let's see how high you can score.

Are games in messengers a good idea?

This step is quite revolutionary, because I don't really remember any other messenger, who did this before (except maybe Line). It doesn't really fit into the instant messaging idea, because games distract and sometimes people don't want to get distracted inside messengers. It also reduces the professionalism of an messenger, Telegram won't be used as Enterprise software, when they are games. At least it's optional and people won't get in touch with the game thing when they don't use any of the game bots.

However, we first have to see how users react onto this update. Will they even recognize this new feature?

What about WhatsApp?

And will WhatsApp adopt it? Facebook Messenger already did with some little games like the basketball one. WhatsApp often implemented features Telegram got some months or years ago, like link preview or mentions or replies. But WhatsApp's initial mission was to build a distraction free and simple messenger. And due to the missing bot platform on WhatsApp, they can't realize it like Telegram, except they implement bots too.

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