Wallpaper News #1

Next to Icon Pack News, there's coming something new on appydroid: Wallpaper News. A selection of the best new wallpapers from the web in every different design style and for every different favor.

Here's the first round:

Zheano Blog

On Zheano Blog, you'll see almost everyday a new wallpaper, handmade by it's creator Zan Cerne.

Here are the last few from this awesome page:

More wallpapers on zheanoblog.eu

Android Wallpapers – Community on Google+

Next to special wallpaper website, there are also a lot of wallpaper communities on the different social networks. Also on Google+.

Here are some from the “Android Wallpapers”-Community:

More wallpapers on plus.google.com/communities/105772649335004192651

Material Wallpaper Collection

Another cool website is materialwallpaper.com. They have a huge collection with pretty Material Design wallpapers.

Here are some:

More wallpapers on materialwallpaper.com

What style of wallpapers do you prefer? Do you use just simple or more complex wallpapers on your Android phone?

Comment below, what wallpapers you prefer and what's your favorite wallpaper source…

I would be happy about new sources ?.

Jan-Lk Else

I'm the guy behind this cool blog about Android ;-)

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