Wallpaper News #3

This is the next round of wallpaper news, but this time it's a little bit different.

Now, that I finished all my exams, I have some more time to spend on my PC with some more or less creative things. I did a lot of coding (for my awesome newsreader app, which will get a very big update soon) and I also tried something new: wallpaper designing.

You have to know, that I'm pretty new to designing things, but as you may already know, I'm able to get a lot of inspiration by awesome designer's websites like Zheano Blog. I admit, that the walls I created aren't perfect and there are many things to improve, but take a look:

jlelse Walls #1jlelse Walls #1

This was the first wall, which you can download here.

And this was my second try today:

jlelse walls #2jlelse walls #2

You can download it here.

If you always want to get my latest creations, just follow this collection on Google+. I plan to create more soon ?.

What do you think about the wallpapers? I really appreciate every feedback…

Jan-Lk Else

I'm the guy behind this cool blog about Android ;-)

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