WhatsApp: Latest beta supports formatting, PDF files from Google Drive and more

Sometime ago WhatsApp moved it's beta to Google Play and released some new features short time after this (PDF sending and new Settings design). Now there's again a new feature: text formatting!

How to use the new formatting feature?

First you have to sign up for the beta version on Google Play. After that just open any conversation and when you want something to be bold write a “*” before and after the text or “_” for being the text italics.
Here you can see how this looks like:


More new changes

Document sending

Now you can also send PDFs you have on an cloud storage like Google Drive or OneDrive by Microsoft. When you choose to send a document, select “Browse other docs…” and you'll be redirected to the system file picker.

Settings screen

In the settings screen there are two small changes:

  1. When you want to backup your chat history, you'll now see a percentage status in the dialog that blocks using the app for a moment.
  2. Your phone number only shows in the detailed profile settings screen, but not at the main settings screen anymore.

Credits: AndroidPolice

Do you see more changes? Comment please…


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