WhatsApp overhauls the build-in camera, gets new wallpaper features and adds multiple contact selection and strikethrough formatting

It feels like everything is about WhatsApp at the moment. The push changes almost everyday and maybe there are some undiscovered things under the hood too. But now let's focus to the latest change: WhatsApp finally overhauls it's old ugly holo styled build-in camera with a new design and a cool new feature. When they added quick-replies some days ago (article here) they added new wallpaper options and also added a multiple contact selection and a strikethrough formatting option. But step by step:

New camera design:

First the new camera design: WhatsApp had the old and holo-styled build in camera (picture on the left). Now they reworked the camera screen and also added the possibility to directly record videos with long pressing on the capture-button (right image):

New wallpaper options

But next to the new camera interface, WhatsApp also made the wallpaper options more modern. Till now the options were like you can see in the left picture. Now they look like in the right pictures. WhatsApp also added the feature, to use a solid background color instead of an image.

Multiple contact selection

A very useful new feature is the new multiple contact selection. Now you can for example select multiple contacts and mark all there messages read at once, archive the chat histories or mute them. The contact selection works in the chat and the contacts tab, but not in the calls tab.

Strike-through formatting option

The last new change, that was discovered is the new strikethrough formatting. You can use it by adding “~” before and after the text you want to strike through. See how it looks like:



All this new features make WhatsApp user-friendlier and a bit more modern and maybe also the change from 2.15.xxx to the 2.16.xxx version numbers has some meaning, but that's just an idea.

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The features are (as far as I know) only available in the beta version of WhatsApp. If you haven't already this version, check out this article.

Thanks to Android Police for the images from this and this article.

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